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I decided to do just one simple costume for PAX East this weekend, but of course it ended up being a pain in the ass to make anyway. I’ll be giving out cookies for the Cookie Brigade, which donates proceeds to Child’s Play. So look for me in Ravio all weekend and BUY SOME COOKIES!

ALSO please visit the Able Gamers booth, in front of the showroom this weekend, and consider making a donation! I got to design a board, record some lines, and design these awesome coins for them. For a donation, you can either get your own limited edition commemorative coin OR you can use it to play Pachinko! They do really awesome work, making sure gaming is accessible to everyone, and I’m really honored to do work for them!

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It’s very hard to move in Oktavia, so my boyfriend thought of a great solution whenever I was confronted by stairs or a long stretch of walking.

Video taken by Mike

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forestchump asked: Hellooo, I'm making a Journey cosplay and for the patterns on the bottom of the cloak I was thinking of using fabric paint with tape to map out the designs or maybe even silk screening, as I tend to be really bad with sewing things on nicely. Do you think this would be possible? And do you have any recommendations for what fabric would hold it best while still staying flowy? Sorry if I'm diverging a bit from your tutorial ^^'

I’ve seen people use the tape method! Silk-screening would be lovely too but I have never done that yet so I wouldn’t know what tip to give you except don’t use a lot of paint for both taping and silk-screening! A little amount goes a long way and you won’t get bulging paint smudges on the side. I’ve also seen someone embroider all the symbols (!)

Unfortunately, anything you add to will always be a little weighed down. In that case, you should try to get the hem to stick out with something like horsehair braid. Linen maintains its shape well but it’s already heavy to begin with so the flow isn’t as great. I used jersey and kona broadcloth and while it weighed down the bottom of the cloak, I put horsehair braid in and stuck my arms out away from me to get the triangular shape.

My tutorial is meant to be a guide like a White Robe traveler, you can follow it or you can wander off on your own :)

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dragonelfwarrior asked: Sorry for stuffing your inbox again!! I just remembered this last question: Is it hard to breathe through the mask? Do you take it off periodically as you're wearing it, or did you add breaking holes somewhere?

No worries! It is a bit, since Wonderflex doesn’t breath, so make sure you can easily take it off if it gets too much. My mask has elastic so I can flip it up, helps so you don’t need to take the whole hood off. You can sort of breath around the mask, but it still gets kinda moist and gross.

I don’t think I’ve worn a single masked costume where I could breath comfortably, tbh.

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dragonelfwarrior asked: Hi there! I'm currently working on my Journey cosplay thanks to your tutorial, but I have a couple questions....what does the inside of your cloak look like? Did you line it? Same for the Scar, you did it double sided right? Thanks so much for your tutorial, I'm trying to follow it religiously so that I can get it done in time for the end of April.

I did not line my cloak, but I did line the hood because the jersey was far too thin for the hood. I used tricut interfacing (it’s black and stretches and thickens fabric) from Joann’s. Scarf is just two pieces of yellow turned inside out, so it’s not lined per se, just double-sided!

Definitely good luck! It’s great you got started now, I made mine in 2 weeks and I do not recommend that at all.

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reen-the-magical-titan asked: I know you have probably gotten this question a gazillion times but what did you use for the Oktavia Von Seckendroff cosplay and also did you paint the little dra tails on the armor?

Haha, I don’t mind answering it as I don’t think I’ve tagged previous Asks properly oops:

Head: Wonderflex base with a paperclay sculpt sanded down. The eyes are covered with thin black fabric. The tendrils are Wonderflex that’s been blended in with clay. In the tendrils is a base of paperclay where I stuck 5 long toothpicks. The swords are casted smoothcast (where I put the toothpick in the mold as I pour the smoothcast). I made the mold of the sculpey sword from rubber silicone. I then drilled into the top of the swords and glued toothpicks with wrapped paper around them to make the flags. The musical measures are foamies with wire. The silver is spray-paint, and the black is just acrylic stressing.

Collar: Made from a really thick fusible interfacing (double-sided) that I got from Joann’s. The front is just layers of spandex head and bonded to form the pattern. The back is just the cloak fabric fused to it, and then the whole thing is stitched with bias tape and then the ruffles were hand-done in. The whole thing is sewn to the shoulders, which is made of the same interfacing, and the whole thing is tied to the torso, including the cape which is attached. The silver collar is just spandex on the interfacing, with snaps to pull it forward to make it stand on the torso and the bow is just attached to it. The black ruffles have gold waves painted on them, with a ruffled stitch to make it puff out.

Torso/Arms: Wonderflex. I drafted the pattern from bristol paper, and then cut it out of the Wonderflex and used hot glue and strips of Wonderflex to attach it all together. For rounded edges, I just flattened the Wonderflex corners slowly. The details are done with dimensional fabric paint. For the moving parts such as the arms and fingers, they are attached with elastic that allows me to move, sort of. The bottom part of the torso is the interfacing with parts of spandex and details of acrylic and heat and bond. It’s tied in the back with snaps. The whole thing is also spray-painted silver and then dry-brushed black with acrylic.

Tail: Straight up spandex. The scales are heat-bonded on (lite) and then sewn over with a stretch stitch with a splash of gold paint. The fin is just fabric that’s been painted on with acrylic and has a “curtain” of shiny black fabric to cover my boots. The backpiece with the swords is just painted Halloween swords attached together with wire and cement, and the flags are just double-sided fabric sewn with bias tape at the edges and then has heat-bonded details and straight-up acrylic painting.

Other: My friend made the sword from wood with his tools, I have a shirt of shiny velvet with dots of holographic plastic, and opera gloves and a balaclava under.

Hope that helps!

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I couldn’t resist, I made gifs. Here’s a little something I wore to Katsucon 2014 when I wasn’t photographing or participating in other such shenanigans.

Kyoko: cyberbird
Oktavia: turnonred
Mami: eiruka
Video (top 4 gifs): dugong
Video (bottom gif): kevin5622

I’m always amazed at the gifs on Tumblr and have no idea how people make them and Nicole just gif’d us aahhhhh. Nicole was the best Kyoko and the best handler cause I couldn’t hear nor move worth shit.

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