Graphic designer with way too many hobbies, too little time, and short attention span. Cosplayer, artist, crafter, and crazy cat lady.

I do not take cosplay commissions, but offer short cast runs for props and masks for my current projects. Profile image credit to Judy Stephens

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My friend Morgan commissioned me to create a Majora’s Mask for her picture-perfect Skull Kid, I always wanted to try to recreate the mask so it was both fun, informative, and frustrating. 20 hours of work from sculpt to paint! I casted and painted one for the Otakon art show and that will remain the only cast I finish.

Sculpted in Monster Clay, molded in Rebound 45, an casted in Smoothcast 320. Many thanks to Alyssa for allowing me to pester her with questions I should know the answers to, and many thanks to the gentlemen who won my mask at Otakon! I hope you like it!

guruzaheer asked
Quick question, did you make your Amon mask? Could I just ask what material you used if so?

Yes, it’s a base of rigid wrap (plaster bandages) and a built up sculpt of paperclay, sanded to hell and back and primed with gesso, and painted with acrylic.



That artist feel when


"shit that’s not right, let’s try again"




Here’s the reason I only do illustrations in Illustrator in a nutshell

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Osric Chau asking a question at the Supernatural Comic Con panel.

Oh my god he’s wearing a Journey costume, does anyone know if he made it himself?

Finished my second piece for the Otakon Art Show, this time I based the piece on Erte’s The Precious Stones, Ruby. Some detail shots of the vectors, done in Illustrator again.

Finally finished my “The Kiss”-inspired Transistor piece! I included some detail shots, the whole thing was done in Illustrator and is 100% vector except for the gold leaf photo (from here)

I’ll have it up as a print at some point, I’m printing and adding actual gold paint to the canvas print for the Otakon art show for those going/interested!

Still got 4 more pieces to make for the art show welp.

dustofthedailylife asked
The PDF Files for The Journey Cosplay? Do I have to print them out? If yes? What Paper Size A4, A3? I'm confused sorry xD How do I use the templates on the material? I hope u can help me :o I want to do the cosplay so hard xD

Hello! The PDF is actually a large poster size, but the way the PDF is set up is that it’s set to tile to American letter size (8.5 x 11). If you have Acrobat, you can change the settings to print to tile for A3, etc. Basically what tiling means is that the large image is broken up into puzzle pieces that you have to tape together and then use to cut put the actual fabric, it’s like a large sewing pattern you have to put together.


Sybil animations! two different angles of her idle animation, her attack animation, and… well…

requested by zealotarchaeologist!

Oh god this is amazing! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to take crappy photos of this to try to see if I can cosplay this and this is perfect.


I’m happy to announce a brand new video series produced by and starring yours truly! First episode is now live with new episodes incoming starting this Thursday!

Thanks to my lovely ladies Lorraine Cink, Carly Bradt, Katie Hondrogen Yaya Han for helping out! Plus to the amazing Video Team for helping this come to life!

Marvel Method: Cosplay - Episode #1

Check out my friends in this video, including Carly, who has made me most of my Rao costume, Chun Li, Silent Hill nurse costumes! And I will continue to rely on her amazing advice and ability to craft a well-done feminine outfit (cause I can’t lol)