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I do not take cosplay commissions, but offer short cast runs for props and masks for my current projects. Profile image credit to Judy Stephens

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hawk222 asked
Hello! It's been a while. I wanted to let you know that I finally have my finished Amon cosplay! My friend's mom did some great work on it, and you were very helpful with the information you provided! If you ever want to see what it looks like, I have pictures. That being said, do you have any advice for me when it comes to things like posing or talking through the mask? I feel like I only have one pose (unless I'm taking away someone's bending), and I'm kinda muffled under the mask...

Hey stranger! Absolutely any time, please send me pictures! I’d love to see them!

Most of my posing is structured around hiding my gigantic ass hips (i.e. turn hips to side, face shoulders front as much as possible), and holding my hand out. I also try to do a few martial arts poses, like I’m about to dodge or chi-block. Or a good authoritative pose like folded hands behind your back or a Captain Morganesque pose on an area that’s elevated. It is really hard to come up with poses when you don’t have a weapon, so just think of other things that the character does besides their most famous.

As for talking, I usually pull my balaclava down to under my chin a little bit, so it’s a little easier to talk, but I’m afraid you’re always gonna be muffled, you get used to it ;)

allegate asked
Hey, yo, me again (sorry) I am messaging (asking?) again because I contacted a friend of mine to see if it is possible for us to make our own rendition of your frankly glorious Amon cosplay (since I only discovered you today D:). I was wondering, since yours is actually so spot on it's ridiculous, if you could spare any advice/tips/guides on how the heck I go about making the parts (especially the fiddly leather). Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!


Regarding the leather:

I bought some softish vinyl that looked like leather from joann’s and mocked up a pattern, sort of like 2 cones. I first sewed the leather “belts” and buttons on directly, and then sewed the two cones together on the sides. I connected the little trapezoid of the back hand guard, after glueing red leather to the outside.

I then glued strips of red onto the sides, and wrapped the wrist in it. I did almost the same method for the legs, except it was one big piece instead of 2 cones, so the seam could go up the back of my calves, where a curve is needed to fit my large calves. I made 2 little funnels of leather to go down at the bottom to snap under the shoes (definitely mock everything up first before you cut the leather).

For the kneepads, it was a formed piece of wonderflex (basically a rounded rectangle with cut darts at the bottom to form the curve), I sprayed it with adhesive and then stretched the red leather over it (and folded and glued the ends under), and then cut the partitioned brown leather pieces and just E6000’d it.

I’ve included a (really really rough from memory) bunch of patterns, give them a shot and make sure to make them out of paper first.

Regarding other tips, not sure what I can offer in terms of general tips, but feel free to message me with any specific questions (like the leather) as you work on this project.

Some awesome pictures taken by Ollie at last year’s Otakon! I totally broke that backpiece thing at Katsucon oh well, at least it’s easier to move around in! Fabulous Kyoko is Nicole and fabulous Manmura is Mike

So I added some new prints to my RedBubble shop, so for anyone that wanted a Transistor Klimt iPhone case or a Venus Erte tshirt, now I’ve added them! If there’s any other item you’d like me to put the art on, let me know! Thanks for looking!

I’ve also added some older work, too for anyone interested in prints. Please take a look!

I’ve also rehauled my Tumblr a little bit so now there’s handy dandy links on the side to go to any of my other sites, as well as track tags for my cosplay, art, and small amount of tutorials!

My friend Morgan commissioned me to create a Majora’s Mask for her picture-perfect Skull Kid, I always wanted to try to recreate the mask so it was both fun, informative, and frustrating. 20 hours of work from sculpt to paint! I casted and painted one for the Otakon art show and that will remain the only cast I finish.

Sculpted in Monster Clay, molded in Rebound 45, an casted in Smoothcast 320. Many thanks to Alyssa for allowing me to pester her with questions I should know the answers to, and many thanks to the gentlemen who won my mask at Otakon! I hope you like it!

guruzaheer asked
Quick question, did you make your Amon mask? Could I just ask what material you used if so?

Yes, it’s a base of rigid wrap (plaster bandages) and a built up sculpt of paperclay, sanded to hell and back and primed with gesso, and painted with acrylic.



That artist feel when


"shit that’s not right, let’s try again"




Here’s the reason I only do illustrations in Illustrator in a nutshell

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Osric Chau asking a question at the Supernatural Comic Con panel.

Oh my god he’s wearing a Journey costume, does anyone know if he made it himself?

Finished my second piece for the Otakon Art Show, this time I based the piece on Erte’s The Precious Stones, Ruby. Some detail shots of the vectors, done in Illustrator again.