Graphic designer with way too many hobbies, too little time, and short attention span. Cosplayer, artist, crafter, and crazy cat lady.

I do not take cosplay commissions, but offer short cast runs for props and masks for my current projects. Profile image credit to Judy Stephens

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I had the distinct pleasure of being randomly selected to participate in Omegathon at PAX East, which I had a blast in and met a ton of people. I made it to the finals but unfortunately didn’t manage to become the first female Omegathon winner. PAX East has gracious invited me back to participate again next year, I can’t wait to give it a go again! Here’s a hilarious shot of me blending in with my fellow Omeganauts.

Here’s the last few minutes of the last match:

Still working on the Journey tutorial, I might have be over-designing it :x taking longer than I expected lol

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