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Okay that took forever, I’m sorry. Here’s the tutorial on how I made my Journey costume! I’ve included a photoset of the tutorial, and below are the links that will take you to the pattern PDFs (the first is a 24 x 36 file, so happy print tiling!). For Illustrator-savvy folks, you can also dive into the pattern files and manipulate them yourselves.

Side note: I am not a professional seamstress/fashion designer, so I’m sorry if there’s inaccuracies or errors or dubious advice, it’s more of a step by step of how I did it with helpful patterns!

Any questions, use the Ask box, also! I’m happy to offer any help or advice! And I’m sorry, but I do not take commissions!

Pattern File
Glyph File

If you have problems downloading, let me know! Don’t abuse my bandwidth, plz

EDIT: A lot of people have been having sizing troubles with the hood lately, not sure if it’s just the new file I uploaded or not because I can’t pinpoint why. So everyone MAKE SURE to test it on paper then scrap fabric FIRST before you cut into the fabric you are using!

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